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Images and words from Mark Storor’s Workshop

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Let’s say you have an opportunity (o, joy!) to work with a bunch of people (children, adults, students, patients, friends, colleagues … whatever) who have the time and energy and the will to do something creative/imaginitive/artistic together, for fun and whatever else may come out of it; irrespective of what medium you plan to work in, how you plan to proceed, what you want to achieve, it seems like a good first step in the process to enable as much creativity, collaboration and flow of imagination as possible.

Thank you to workshop participant Paul O’Connor for his insightful blog entry on Mark Storor’s Workshop, which can be found here: http://bit.ly/exWRps


And further reflections on the seminar:http://bit.ly/eUjKIM

More photos can be found here and here http://bit.ly/fEoEYT and here http://bit.ly/gLF7YL. Participants traveled from Donegal and Cork to take part. Here’s some of their reflections on the day:

“I am totally inspired. So much of this is going to be relevant with groups I work with.”

“Really thinking about how my own practice relates to participatory arts.”

“Brilliant. so delighted I came.”

“Thanks for today. It was wonderful.”


“It really flowed.”


“You can get carried up in it.”


“We can enjoy others to lift and carry us.”

“We can do things that make us feel awkward.”

“It takes time to be in yourself… and try.”


And comments from those who watched the seminar online:
“I just wanted to say congrats on the conference yesterday.
I watched the conference from home and really enjoyed it and thought Mark did a great job without Anna. I was especially touched by the story of Opi which was beautiful.”

“Thank you Mark for bringing your work to Ireland. Enjoyed the presentation from my sofa in Sligo.”


Thank you to the Arts Council for funding the two events via a Travel and Training Inbound Award, Tallaght Community Arts and the Science Gallery for support, and Jurys Inn Dublin for sponsorship.