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Music to Small Ears

Music to Small Ears, an exciting new developmental project with composer and musician George Higgs, took place in November and December 2014. The project saw George working in a local family resource centre in Cara Phort, Mullingar and in Mullingar Health Centre at their BCG Vaccine Clinic.

George Higgs project

Over a period of 4 weeks, at the family centre, George tested and explored different instruments and sounds, refining his compositions each week in response to the children. One parent reported, ‘I found out my little girl loves music and playing with the instruments’ and ‘I would recommend everyone with small kids to take part in a class, I think every child will enjoy it’.

George then began to develop a number of compositions for the BCG Vaccine Clinic. He set himself up as a mobile musician, with a set of musical instruments in a buggy, almost like a baby.

George Higgs - Music to Small Ears


Like all families who visit the centre, George began in the main waiting area and took the same journey through the space that they do. The music created a calming atmosphere and families were interacting and chatting more with each other, rather than looking at their phones.

Many thanks to the staff from Cara Phort Family Resource Centre and Mullingar Health Centre for their support on the project, and watch this space to see how it develops in 2015!

Learn more about the aims of the project here.