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Artwork and stories from Cloudlands at Cork University Hospital

Eszter Nemethi is Cloudlands artist in residence at Cork University Hospital. This year, Eszter is working with a group of young collaborators to develop a radio play in addition to a number of individual projects. A selection of artwork, process pieces and stories from Eszter’s residency can be viewed below.

The box


“This is the box that contains the question or more recently the elements of the challenge for the teenagers. On the back it is a chalkboard that they all use for an ice breaking drawing of the ‘room with eyes closed’. After the drawing we usually chat, starting from the questions on the other side until there is something that emerges that is interesting to explore more. And that’s when the ‘real work’ starts.” – Cloudlands artist Eszter Nemethi





The invisible clown
“An invisible clown is seen through the eyes of the princess of the silent castle. The clown was “born” out of the closed eyed drawing of the room which under closer inspection appeared to be a face and emerged in front of us as a clown – the story of the clown is that she is only visible to the princess-version of the girl and entertains her with jokes all day. The clown is also inaudible to anyone else but the princess. The castle is a very isolated place far away from everywhere, where a hundred silent servants serve the princess and the only noise that can ever be heard is a gently hush.” – Eszter in collaboration with an 11 year old girl


Below a detail of the hospital map including locations of zombies and some rules for a board/computer game telling the story of a zombie virus that keeps the hospital in lock-down and the hero whose job is to find the antidote on the 5th Floor where terrorists are holding it.


hospital map with zombies“The game can be played by two players (one plays as the human, the other as the zombies). As part of coming up with the story and rules of the game I was sent on a mission right around the hospital to map the entrance ways and connecting routes. En-route I was advised about how to make the map/game by a radiologist doctor and a security guard.” – Eszter in collaboration with a 14 year old Cloudlands participant






The rule book for Teamball, a new team ball game designed for the corridors of the children’s ward at Cork University Hospital – Developed by an 11 year old boy in collaboration with Eszter