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FirefliesNew collaborators on our artist in residence project in hospitals

In 2017, Helium Arts welcomes new collaborators to the Fireflies project, an artist in residence project in hospitals which supports teenagers transitioning to adult care. Monica Flynn will be project managing and artist Siobhán Clancy will be collaborating with artist Rachel Tynan, as Fireflies prepares to expand to further hospitals across Dublin.

We are looking forward to experimenting with remote-controlled robots, a graffiti artist, and exploring how we can creatively package our process, all in the pursuit of reaching and benefiting more teenagers who face moving to adult services this year.

Rachel Tynan, lead artist
Fireflies has been such a success to date so it is extremely exciting to be expanding the project and exploring where we will go in the future. Siobhán’s practice is innovative and I am confident she will bring a new dynamic to the project. I look forward to collaborating with her and some new (and old!) teenagers this year.’

Siobhán Clancy, artist in residence, Temple Street Children’s University Hospital
‘Rachel’s work with the Play Department at Temple Street Hospital over the last four years is a real inspiration. I feel very privileged to have this opportunity to work with the exceptional play specialists, medical and nursing staff at this children’s hospital and I look forward to building on the relationships Rachel has forged between young people, play specialists, health workers and art practitioners. Transitioning from youth to adult-orientated care is all part of growing up but it can be daunting for young patients and parents alike. Through the arts, we offer a creative outlet for teenagers to explore their world, to process new experiences and to respond artistically in collaboration with us. Developing from the work created to date through Fireflies and our planning so far, games, intrigue and serious play have emerged as strong themes to start year 2 with. We expect a lot of spontaneity, challenge and fun over the next few months!’ 

Fireflies is a Helium Arts project in partnership with the Play Department, Temple Street Children’s University Hospital. The project is funded by the BNP Paribas Foundation, the Arts Council, Cork Street Fund and The Ireland Funds.

Artists Rachel Tynan and Siobhan Clancy with acting project manager Monica Flynn