An interactive screening experience

At our Planet of the Capes showcase, Siobhán Clancy, lead artist on the Two Suitcases Project, curated a series of sensory and interactive happenings for the audience taking inspiration from the culture of the picture house during the World War II era. These activities were facilitated by 12 costumed volunteers, who undertook performative roles.

On arrival, guests were given News of the Planet, an 8-page programme produced in the style of a superhero comic. This must-read featured all our favourite superhero characters and stories from the project!

Performer Aoife Raleigh invited audience members to practice their superpowers in a secret training course, which included super skills in object balancing. A drop-in mask-making workshop gave guests the opportunity to transform themselves into superheroes and capes made by Siobhán were provided to get the full superhero effect. Once transformed, guests were invited to pose for the paparazzi in front of an laboratory installation inspired by the evil scientist’s lair in Planet of the Capes. Photos were then shared on Helium’s Facebook page.

At the end of the showcase it was wonderful to see lots of little superheroes making their way home, capes flapping in the afternoon light.