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Image of An Taoiseach Micheal Martin with a Helium Arts participant

Helium Arts Cork Showcase in Tory Top Library, Cork.

phot. Marcin Lewandowski | soundofphotography.com ©

Become a member of the Parent Advisory Group with Helium Arts

We are seeking members to join our Parent Advisory Group, in order to support the experiences, skills and knowledge base of our team and contribute to our development of service provision.

We are particularly looking for parents of children who live with a long term health condition and who have a keen interest in and awareness of the value of the Arts and Creativity in children’s lives.

Are you looking to volunteer with a charity organisation where your skills and knowledge will contribute to quality service provision for young children and families?

Are you interested in contributing to the on-going provision and development of creative experiences for children and young people living with long term physical health conditions?

If you are interested in joining our newly-established parent advisory group or would like to discuss the role further, please email to hello@helium.ie to request an application form before 14th May 2023.

Helium Arts is the National Children’s Arts and Health Charity that empowers children with long term physical health conditions through their creativity and the arts, inspiring those who care for them and supporting creative healthy environments, while creating opportunities for artistic ambition and excellence.

Duties of a Parent Advisory Group Member

  • Attend quarterly group meetings ( 3 – 4 times per year).
  • Offering guidance and expertise to ensure we are providing the best possible experience for the children and families who use our services.
  • Offer insight on the unique perspective of a parent who supports a child living with a long term physical health condition.
  • Acting in the best interest of the organisation. Provide local knowledge of other organisations and support groups that might benefit families supported by Helium Arts

Qualities and skills required:

  • A genuine interest in creativity and arts and an understanding of the value of creativity in children’s lives.
  • Insight into what it is like to parent a child living with a long term physical health condition.
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Impartiality, fairness and the ability to respect confidences.

Group Meetings:

There will be 3 – 4 group meetings per year. Meetings will be held online via Zoom. We may try to meet in person once per year.

More about us:

In Ireland, there are 120,000 children and teenagers living every day with the long-term effects of illness. Helium Arts brings positivity to these children’s lives through award-winning, participatory arts programmes. Our creative projects take place in hospital, health and community settings around Ireland, transforming the healthcare experience of young people and those who care for them through art, imagination and play.

We are registered with the Charities Regulator as a charity organisation.

The Parent Advisory Group will consist of up to 10 members, including the parents of children who live with long term physical health conditions and those with an interest in children and the arts. The group will provide advice and guidance to support the Helium Arts team to achieve their goals and objectives. We welcome a diverse range of applicants and cultural perspectives from across the country.

Email hello@helium.ie for further information.