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Image of Helium Participants using a camera and shadow puppets to make an animation

Our Strategic Goals

We are working to generate creative encounters for children with lifelong health conditions to improve wellbeing and creativity.

Read our full 2023-2027 Strategic Plan here.


We have identified the following five goals which we will strive to achieve over the next five years 2023-2027.

Image of two participants in wheelchairs painting on a large canvas with a remote control car

Goal 1: Create To Grow

Generating creative encounters with children who have lifelong health conditions, in the heart of their own communities

  • Provide in-person activities for all ages, removing barriers to access
  • Make our programmes nationwide through technology
  • Provide artists with bespoke training and resources
  • Showcase the achievements of our children and artists
  • Invest resources in reflecting on feedback to improve our programmes
  • Improve opportunities for parents to meet

Goal Improve to Include

Goal 2: Improve To Include

Commit to the development and delivery of our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy.

  • Broaden representation and amplify voice
  • Remove communication barriers
  • Connect with communities
  • Invest in our people

Image of two young Helium participants with one arm around each other and the other arm showing off their Helium creations

Goal 3: Share

Sharing our model in partnership with others to increase access to creative practices

  • Use technology to provide more tools to support inclusive art practices for children
  • Build on our ability to deliver professional development training in inclusive arts
  • Develop innovative and sustainable referral pathways to local arts and cultural services
  • Identify partner with whom we can share and innovate our model

Black and white image of a Helium participant smiling while creating an animation using an ipad on a stand and puppets

Goal 4: Advocate

Working with children and young people to advocate for the child’s right to participate in culture

  • Appoint staff dedicated to supporting youth advocacy and participation
  • Play our part in raising statutory agency awareness of their duty to fulfil every child’s right to culture, education and participation under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

An image of a Helium participant making a neon pink hand print on a blank page of white paper surrounded with scrabble letters

Goal 5: Sustain

Continuing our strong track record of governance underpinned by a solid financial model, ready for the next stage of growth

  • People – Provide a high performing, fair, inclusive, and agile place to work
  • Systems – Develop effective systems which support good governance at all levels
  • Resources – Implement fundraising and marketing strategies to resource our mission
  • Evidence – Communicate the evidence from our programmes to advocate for sustained investment