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Liah Fitton with family member at a helium workshop with art in the background

Liah Fitton age 14 from Ballincollig with family member

We are seeking members to join our new Family Advisory Council, aiming to enhance the experience, skills, and knowledge base of our team and contribute to the development of the services we provide.

What is the Family Advisory Council?

The Family Advisory Council will consist of up to 10 members, including the parents, grandparents, caregivers and guardians of children who live with lifelong physical health conditions. The group will provide advice and guidance to assist the Helium Arts team in achieving their mission of generating creative encounters for children with lifelong health conditions to improve well-being and creativity.

If you are interested in joining or would like to discuss the role further, please apply here or call 083 010 3240.

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We had some great news recently: Helium, the HSE  and the  Centre for Health Informatics, Trinity College Dublin have been highly commended in the Allianz Business to Arts Awards in the catagory of Best Use of Creativity for their partnership on the Puppet Portal Project in 2009. The project was  collaboration between the three organisations and Kids' Own Partnership and connected children and artists across 4 hospitals through the webportal Ait Eile. We're absolutely delighted that the partnership has been recognised by such important awards and we're looking forward to the next phase of the project which will commence in September, this time in 5 hospitals. For more information on the project see http://www.old.helium.ie/portal.html and you can check out the winners on http://www.businesstoarts.ie/awards/awards-allianz-categories/. An evaluation of the project by Spiral Orchard will be available shortly.