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Film Gallery

Animations by Limerick February Camp Participants 2023

A selection of animations made by participants of the Helium Arts February Camp 2023 in Limerick in association with artist, Emma Fisher, including:

Flamingo and Peacock


Car Race


Summer’s Day



An image of a table covered in paper plates, paint, colourful feathers - work in progress

Animations made by Galway Spring participants

A selection of animation films made by participants of the Helium Arts Spring Programme in Galway.

The Creation of Dreamland
Twilight in the forest
Faerie Folk
Superman in the Garden
Sticks, Stones, Sand


image of children and volunteers doing shadow work

Fish Animation

Created by our Ennis summer camp 2022 participants, aged 6-12 with artist Ana Colomer.

Image of a child's hands painting the blue background featured in the fish animation video

Youth Advisory Group (YAG)

Created by and starring members of the Helium Arts Youth Advisory Group (YAG) 2022.  The Helium Arts Youth Advisory Group is a voice for young people living with lifelong physical health conditions.

Image of colourful pots of paint dust

Our World in a Window Spring 2021

a kid looking through a window with the logo our world in a window

Our World in a Window Summer 2021

a child looking at a window filled with artwork

Our Week

Our Week is an animation created by children with Type 1 diabetes on Helium’s Midlands Community Project in 2019.


The fireflies toolkit is designed to help young people transitioning from paediatric care to adult health services. This short animated video sheds some light on the transition process and experience.

Home Sweet Home: film and behind the scenes

A series of catastrophic climate events leaves the world in turmoil. How do you start over and adjust to a new idea of happiness? Home Sweet Home (2018) is Helium’s fourth film collaboration with CanTeen Ireland, the national young people’s cancer support group.

‘The whole story – everything’s fine, the apocalypse and after it – it is like us going through cancer: that normal, that beginning, nothing’s wrong and then the apocalypse comes in … You have a different mindset basically to everything you do in life; nothing’s the same yet it is.’ – Ashleigh, CanTeen member

Seizure the Day

Seizure the Day (2017) is a short fictional film created by young people with epilepsy and inspired by their experiences. The film was produced during a national filmmaking project in partnership with Epilepsy Ireland and in collaboration with artists Siobhán Clancy, Colm Mullen, Roisin Loughrey, Alan Brennan, Ben Murnane, Peter Nicell, Emily Veale and creative peer mentor Stephen O’Driscoll.

Planet of the Capes

An army of young people with extraordinary abilities are suspended in time in the Museum of Discarded Superheroes. Will they defeat dastardly ruler Ronald Thump and save the planet? Planet of the Capes was produced in 2016 by young members from CanTeen Ireland, the national young people’s cancer support group, in collaboration with artists Siobhán Clancy, Alan Brennan, Louise Manifold, Ben Murnane, Emily Veale, David Cunningham and Eoghan McConnell as part of the Two Suitcases project. The film was included in the IFI’s 2018 Family Festival, screening before the Kenyan superhero film Supa Modo with a panel discussion composed of young CanTeen artists.


This 2015 documentary by Siobhan Perry follows the Cloudlands project at Temple Street Children’s University Hospital with artist in residence Rachel Tynan. An intimate portrait of teenagers living with long term illness and the role of artistic practice in healthcare, the film was screened in competition at the Galway Film Fleadh in 2015 and shown on Aer Lingus transatlantic flights in 2016.  Funded by an artsandhealth.ie documentary bursary.


Star Lady, Part I

‘There once was a lady who lived in the woods. Her name was Stella which means star in Latin … She was known to be a healer and people didn’t need hospitals anymore because of the Star Lady …’ 

This animation was created by Aimee Louise and artist Rachel Tynan on the Cloudlands Project at Temple Street Children’s University Hospital in 2014.


‘If you had a chance, would you take it, would you jump and fall?

Up in the stars, would you open up that door?’

Chance is an original song, written and performed by Niamh. The film was created by Niamh, Aoife, Louise, Keisha and the staff of University Hospital Galway with artist Emma Fisher on the Cloudlands project in 2014.

Two Suitcases

The award-winning film that gave birth to a project! Two Suitcases (2012) is a short film by Ben Murnane created with teenagers living with chronic illness, professional artists and film students. When Ben was 9 years old he was diagnosed with Fanconi anaemia, a rare genetic disease in which the bone marrow stops working properly. The film is adapted from Ben’s memoir, Two in a Million, and focuses on the important role creativity played in Ben’s life during his teenage years. Two Suitcases has won awards and commendations at national and international film festivals and gave rise to our ongoing community film project for teenagers living with long-term health conditions.