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Art and Design Strategies in Healthcare

Jackie Sands (NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde) & Vicky Charnock (Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Liverpool)

Helium Arts, in partnership with Create, the national development agency for collaborative arts, hosted a seminar in 2014 on Art and Design Strategies in Healthcare with Jackie Sands, Arts and Health Improvement Senior with the NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, and Vicky Charnock, Arts Coordinator at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Liverpool.  The seminar was funded by the Arts Council.

Art and Design Strategies in Healthcare took place in Dublin and Cork and focused on the importance of early integration and planning strategies in the design of new healthcare facilities. The two guest speakers outlined and shared their experiences in a variety of hospitals and healthcare settings, involvement in capital programmes and the conditions for building arts and health within a hospital setting. Both flagged the importance of allocating funds, not only for artworks and integration into design, but also for ongoing arts programmes for spaces once they are open and highlighted the need for arts coordinators.



PDF Presentation by Vicky Charnock:  http://2018.helium.ie/assets/uploads/2018/09/Vicky-Charnocks-Presentation-.pdf

PDF Presentation by Jackie Sands:  http://2018.helium.ie/assets/uploads/2018/09/Dublin-Presentation-by-Jackie-Sands.pdf

Information on The Dignified Spaces Project featured in Jackie Sands’ presentation:  http://designingfordignity.co.uk/#Dignified-Spaces