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Benefits of Multi-Sensory Play on Participation, Learning & Development

Margaret McGrath and Eimear Quinlan, Enable Ireland

Margaret McGrath, Senior Occupational Therapist, and Eimear Quinlan, Occupational Therapist, with the Early Services Team at Enable Ireland’s Dublin Children’s Services, presented at Engaging the Senses, a 2018 symposium hosted by Helium Arts in partnership with Kildare County Council Arts Service. The symposium explored multi-sensory, interactive arts for young children with complex needs.

This presentation looked at the OT role in play development, sensory influence on play development, how to support and facilitate play, and how to structure sensory experiences.

‘It’s finding the child’s intrinsic motivation, that’s one of the biggest things we spend time on, because this fosters their curiosity and their desire for more.’ – Margaret McGrath