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The World of Scribes

Welcome to The World of Scribes … here you will find stories, rituals, magical characters, strange weather systems and lots of things that you can do to make the world your own. The World of Scribes has been invented by the Seven Summer Stars, a group of young people who connected online with artist Eszter Némethi to conjure another reality.

What can you do in The World of Scribes?

★ find a special recipe for a colourful sugar landscape

★ send postcards from our world to Earth

★ make your own stories with our story generator

★ become the every-shaped tree

★ bring the characters to life origami style

★ construct your own pop-ups

But first, we invite you to enter this curious world. Click on the image to gain entrance.

Make your own World of Scribes

Download and print the templates to bring The World of Scribes to life…

a colourful mess a sugar on a white table

Recipe for a colourful sugar landscape

A page of how to make a goblin origami

Origami Characters

Pop-up Card

But If And When: Story Generator


What if you could fit a whole world safely inside an envelope? Who would you send it to then?

How to become a tree

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