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An image of young participant of Helium Arts admiring a large painting in Limerick City Gallery of Art

An image of young participant of Helium Arts admiring a large painting in Limerick City Gallery of Art

Opportunities for Young People

On this page you’ll find opportunities and call-outs for children and young people that we share as they arise.

These are not always related to Helium Arts, but are exciting opportunities for children and young people across the arts, health and youth sectors!

What: Global Ireland Youth Leaders Competition
Who: Transition Year Students
Deadline: Friday, 12th of April 2024

Global Ireland Young Leaders Programme is a competition which encourages Transition Year students to consider Ireland’s role in the world in a creative way. The prize for successful applicants will be an opportunity to view first-hand the work of Ireland’s foreign affairs service through a three-day programme hosted at the Department of Foreign Affairs in Dublin.

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What: Join the Baboró Children’s Panel
Who: Must be starting 4th Class in September 2024 and live in Galway city or county
Deadline: Friday, 31st of May 2024

The Baboró Children’s Panel is a platform for young people in Galway city and county to feel welcome, heard, represented and supported in their creativity. The Panel meets once a month to take part in fun creative workshops, as well as advising our planning and decision-making. They also spend a day attending shows and events at our October festival, experiencing Baboró ‘behind-the-scenes’.

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What: EU Children’s Participation Survey
Who: Young People up to the age of 17
Deadline: May 2024

Are you 17 years old or younger, and an EU citizen or living in an EU country? This survey is for you! Democracy is about making sure that everyone’s voice counts and is heard when governments make decisions. In this survey you can share your opinion on what you think about democratic participation, what you think works well, what type of changes you want, and about your own experiences.

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What: Belong To Youth Groups for LGBT+ Young People Online and In-Person
Who: LGBT+ Young People age 10-24
Deadline: Young people can inquire at any time

Belong To is the National Youth LGBT+ Organisation. They facilitate a range of youth groups online and in-person which provide a safe space for LGBTQ+ young people age 10-24 to develop friendships, get support and belong. These groups are ran by qualified and experienced Youth Workers, and new young people are welcome. Activities and programmes range from pizza nights and special events to information nights on a range of LGBTQ+ topics – determined by the group members.

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