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New Puppet Portal Team announced!!

Helium is delighted to welcome three new artists to the Puppet Portal team for 2010. They are Sally Maidement who will be based in Donegal, David Kavanagh in Cork and Niamh Lawlor in Dublin. The three new artists will be joining Emma Fisher in Limerick and Siobhán Clancy in Dublin for the project which will start in September this year. The project is a collaboration between artists, children and healthcare staff in five paediatric wards across the country. Through the use of Solas webportal which was developed by the Centre for Health informatics, Trinity College, Dublin, artists and children in each of the hospitals will be able to share their work and work collaboratively. The project will run for 10 weeks and includes professional development days and creative exchange days where artists, healthcare staff and hospital teachers come together to share skills and knowledge. There was a huge amount of interest from artists for this year’s Puppet Portal Project and we’d really like to thank everyone who applied and came for interview.