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Puppet Making Pack

As the Puppet Portal Project Phase 2 gets under-way, we are working to build on our learning and discoveries from the first phase.  These were highlighted in an independent evaluation by SpiralOrchard, to be published by Helium before the end of the year.  The evaluation demonstrated that the project had both social impact and creative outcomes.  We will be sharing some of the creative outcomes over the next few months.  Eventually, these will contribute to a handbook to support participatory arts practice using technology with children in hospital.

One of these creative outcomes is Anna Rosenfelder’s Puppet Making Kits.  These were the result of Anna’s challenge to overcome the restrictions caused by the HN1 virus in the hospital which required strict isolation procedures.

Anna comments on the process:  “Having to think of a puppetry related activity which allows children on the wards and in isolation to have access to the PPP made me think that this could be a way to generally involve a bigger number of children without having to facilitate it on your own. To prepare simple puppet making kits or another art activity which is somehow related to the theme worked on in the classroom. While children who are able to visit the classroom work with the artist on a video and link up, others make puppets in their beds (or make postcards/draw images etc.). Later in the afternoon images of both activities could be tied together in one image which can be printed out.

Here is a pic of the card Anna included in a bag of materials, which could be assembled into a puppet with no glue or scissors.  Congrats Anna!