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Training for Longford/Westmeath Community Mothers

Helium delivered training workshops for Community Mothers in Longford and Westmeath in early spring. Participants learned new, accessible, creative and imaginative play techniques which they could apply to their home visits with parents and babies. Using everyday materials, the Community Mothers made simple performance props like twinkle twinkle hand puppets and ‘peepo’ toys which they have since used to model creative play to parents. Consequently, some parents have become interested in making the props themselves after expressing surprise at how well their baby responded.

As part of the training, Helium also facilitated the ‘Winter Workshop’ for a group of mums and toddlers in Athlone.

The Community Mothers Project aims to support and encourage parents to reach their full potential thereby enhancing parents’ confidence and self esteem, through non-professional volunteers who use their experience as mothers as well as local knowledge to support families. Learn more about the programme here: http://www.cmums.ie/about.html The Community Mothers Programme is HSE funded.