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a valentines day themed table covered with rose petals with a pizza and a pizza box with an image of an animation of a couple

Deliveroo Collaborates With Irish Illustrator Fuchsia MacAree On ‘Roomantic’ Pizza Boxes That Double Up As Valentine’s Cards

Proceeds from Deliveroo’s ‘Roomantic’ Pizza Boxes by Fuchsia MacAree Support Helium Arts

The takeaway experts at Deliveroo know that the 6th love language is, in fact, Pizza. With that in mind, they have collaborated with Irish Illustrator Fuschia MacAree to turn humble pizza boxes into Valentine’s Day cards like no other. To make this Valentine’s treat even more heartwarming, Deliveroo will be donating €5 to Helium Arts for every pizza sold. Helium Arts empowers children living with medical conditions through creativity and the arts, giving them an opportunity for connection, belonging, imagination and joy.

The distinctive design features two lovebirds enjoying a romantic night in. It even comes complete with a pun that is cheesier than the pizza inside. Who says romance is dead?!

These quirky Valentine’s card pizzas are available exclusively through Deliveroo for one weekend only. From the 12th – 14th lovebird’s can nab themselves this limited edition collaboration by simply ordering from the pizza maestros at Pi in Dublin, Pompeii Pizza in Cork or Woozza in Galway through the Deliveroo app. They need only request their pizza in one of the boxes by adding it as a free item to their basket.

Arabella Jenkins, Spokesperson for Deliveroo Ireland: “We are extremely proud to support the fantastic work Helium Arts do with this creative collaboration. Fuchsia MacAree is such a talent and really brought this concept to life with her one-of-a-kind illustration that is sure to make your Valentine’s day pizza that extra bit ‘Roomantic’!”

Fuchsia MacAree, renowned Irish Illustrator: “It’s been great fun collaborating with Deliveroo this Valentine’s Day. I know first-hand how cathartic art can be, so am delighted this unique spin on a Valentine’s Day card will help support the amazing work Helium Arts does throughout Ireland.”

Helene Hugel, CEO at Helium Arts: “The participatory arts programmes Helium Arts provides help children and teenagers across Ireland that are living with the long-term effects of chronic illness. Through our programmes they develop their confidence, talent and independence, while we foster creative healthy environments around them so they have better outcomes. We’re delighted to see Deliveroo and Fuchsia shine a spotlight on the work we do and hope it encourages even more people to get involved.”