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A picture of the Helium Arts and That's Life Creative Team that will be working on My Place To Be as part of the programme for ART:2023

The Helium Arts and That's Life Creative Team that will be working on My Place To Be as part of the programme for ART:2023

My Place to Be

We’re delighted that our project, My Place to Be, has been commissioned as part of ART:2023, a Decade of Centenaries collaboration from the Arts Council and the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media.

My Place to Be will be a collaboration between Helium Arts and That’s Life Galway, an arts and personal development programme of the Brothers of Charity Services.  The project will involve the creation of an inclusive, interactive and multi-sensory installation for young children, and their parents. 

Led by Artistic Director Joanna Williams, the focus for this ambitious intergenerational project is play, engagement and connection. The installation provides a place and space for children to shape their identities, as well as validate the arts and creative sector as a purposeful space and community for people with lifelong physical health conditions, disabilities and additional needs to thrive.

An integral part of the creative process will be input and participation of adult artists and performers with intellectual disability from the That’s Life Arts Programme. Through the adults artistic contribution, the aim is to inspire families engaging in this event, and present an artistic creative future into adulthood.

Speaking about the project, Andrew Madec, Programme Coordinator, That’s Life, Brothers of Charity Services, Galway, said:

“Our hope here is to create a space where audiences find themselves taking part in various styles of play, and engaging with the installation in fun and unexpected ways. 

By creating opportunities for people to engage with sound, touch, and visual elements in exciting and accessible ways we hope to inspire and spark joy in our audiences.

This project is about presenting a world of possibility, where the audience are active participants in all that is happening.

We are very excited to be collaborating with a team of talented makers and performers to develop this ambitious and innovative work.”

Commenting on the collaboration, founder of Helium Arts, Helene Hugel said:

“Helium Arts is thrilled to work with That’s Life. Their contribution to this project is more than an artistic contribution, it represents future participation in society, a creative society, for the young children engaging at the event, demonstrating & modelling to the young families that there exists a community of place and purpose for everyone.” 

Further information and dates will be announced at: www.helium.ie and www.thatslife.ie