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An Image of the Cork University Hospital Waiting room for paediatric outpatients. The windows are decorated with window art done by Helium Arts participants as part of the Create While You Wait Programme.

Create While You Wait – In Pictures

Our hospital outpatients programme – ‘Create While You Wait’ supports children and young people managing lifelong health conditions, to access creative activities in outpatient clinics while they wait to see the doctor and nurse.

Children and families can feel anxious or nervous about attending their hospital appointments. Our artists are helping by designing bespoke creative activity packs, and engaging with outpatients in the waiting room.

Reflecting on their experience of Helium Arts in outpatient clinics, through the 2022 Helium Arts Impact Survey, 94% of children reported that they felt happier when going to hospital as a result of Helium Arts. 100% of parents indicated that theirs and their child’s healthcare experience was positively impacted.

Here is a look at how ‘Create While You Wait’ has been adding some colour to the paediatric outpatient waiting rooms in:

  • Cork University Hospital with artist Ashleigh Ellis
  • University Hospital Galway with artist Yvonne Cullivan
  • University Hospital Limerick with artist Chelsea Canavan
  • Mayo University Hospital with artist Tom Meskell