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image of a helium arts volunteer and participant painting on a wall

How to Help

18,000 children face significant social and emotional challenges everyday because of long-term illness or disability.

On top of the physical limitations of their conditions, they experience more bullying, have fewer close friends and are much more likely to report feeling isolated and unhappy in life.

Through the kindness of supporters like you, our creative projects provide much-needed distraction and relief from the loneliness and sadness caused by illness.

By letting their creativity shine, children & young people who take part:

  • Connected to and supported by others going through similar life experiences
  • Better able to express and share their experiences among a trusting community of peers
  • Empowered to take back control, building self-confidence & self-esteem

YOU can help us bring the powers of creativity to more children across Ireland. Click below to find out how you get involved, or see our fundraising brochure here.


Image of Helium Arts participants wearing colourful masks that they have created

Support young people living with illness to let their creativity shine! Your donation can make a big difference to the lives of children facing lifelong medical conditions.

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Company Support

A workshop group displaying their colourful and imaginative hats

Is your company looking for a meaningful partnership? Partner with Helium Arts to support the wellbeing of children living with illness.

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Why not host an event at home, in work or in your local community?

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Image of a Helium Arts participant playing with sand on a floor and being helped by two Helium Arts Volunteers

The work of Helium Arts would not be possible without the tremendous support of so many individuals who tirelessly give their positivity and energy to volunteering with us.

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